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The noted Yacht Designer and Hanse 371 owner, Grahame Shannon, reports:

I do indeed race with my TARTAROOGA Dodger in place. Not only that, but we WIN with it in place. During the spring series at FCYC we placed second overall. In the fall series we were third, due to missed race. But we placed first overall in two races. When racing around buoys in good weather, we take off all of the windows. This is not for windage but it improves communications between cockpit and foredeck.

Among the boats we have beaten boat for boat, on occasion: A C&C 36R which rates 76, about the same as a J-35. We rate 128, about the same as a J-29. A J-29 can beat us in less than 5 knots of wind. But in anything stronger, we are much faster upwind.                                         – more below –

TARTAROOGA Dodger and Bimini Combos

– from above –

I might add that we have two solar panels on the dodger. Jacques has mounted them for us. We also race with a Bruce anchor on the bow roller, thus look pretty cruisey. Our sails are not high-tech, just white Dacron. We have an outboard motor in the cockpit locker. Also, a 10′ Achiles air floor dinghy, and 100 or so books on board. I guess we could lighten ship if we wanted to.

If the dodger makes any difference in upwind performance, I can’t discern it. We can point as high as any boat, higher than most. My guess is that the contribution it makes to keeping you fresh is of value.  I have a bigger than average dodger, which comes back well over the front of the cockpit. And we have a back curtain which transforms it into a “wheelhouse”. We use the remote on the autopilot. Since I got the Tartarooga I have not used the foul weather gear once. Thanks Jacques!

"The Best Hard Dodger You Can Buy At Any Price"

The Blue Book Of Boats

This is one of our most cherished industry reviews. The Blue Book Of Boats has since  shuttered their operations. We shall always live up to the high standards of craftsmanship that made tartarooga great.

If you think I am enthusiastic about the dodger you should hear my wife. She is really keen talking about having a bimini installed. She talked about the enclosure you did for a couple leaving on a circumnavigation. We had a good chance to do a side-by-side comparison with the “Wavestopper”. Tartarooga is by far the better dodger in all respects.

We really love the dodger. The shape is perfect (you really captured the lines of the boat). The windows are great and fantastic workmanship. What more can I say? I wish we had another boat so we could have another made.

Bill Bullies, S/V Chat De Mer