Tartarooga's Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Our website address is: https://tartarooga.com

Your Data Relative To The Operation Of This Website

We do not collect any data from visitors to our website. Thus we do not share anything with third parties, and/or third party sites. We do not collect your IP address, nor do we use Cookies of any description.

We do use certain Spam Prevention Software which may or may not retain your IP. Address and Browser User Agent String may be used to help spam detection.

We do not provide GRAVATAR Service any, not even Anonymized Data. No Anonymized String from your Email Address will be produced by visiting our site.


We do not allow you to upload any Media to our website. Thus there will not be any data derived, used, or shared, from such media. No Images, Videos, Third-Party Articles shared with any third party. Regardless whether they ar visitors to this Site, or Alternative Sites.

You may wish to attach certain Images to your Contact Submission(s). We strongly recommend that you upload them without Location Data (EXIF GPS).


This website does not use any Cookies of any description. Thus you will not be tracked as a consequence to visiting our site. There is no need to opt out of anything when visiting this website.

 Use Reply Email, or fill out our Contact Form again, if you return for further discussion. This means, we do not provide a “Remember Me Option”.

Embedded Content From Other Websites

None of the articles on this site include any Embedded Content (e.g. Videos, Images, Articles,etc.) We avoid such content for the protection of your privacy. Embedded Content from third-party websites behaves as if you went to the other website.

Who We Share Your Data With

As already indicated above, we do not collect Your Data, nor do we share Data or anything with any third parties, or third-party sites.

What Rights You Have Over Your Datas

It is our understanding that you own all rights over your Data. This is what we consider Privacy Rights. And, we respect these, your rights, by not infringing on them in any way. We have held this position since the beginning of the Internet era. We promise that we shall never depart from it.

Where We Send Your Data

We shall never collect any data, other than your Contact Submissions. We will keep them for reference only, while we are involved in Email Exchanges with you. These Submissions will never be shared with any third party.

We are herewith disclosing that we are using Automated Spam Detection Services, and other plugins. It is outside our abilities and knowledge to determine the exact way these plugins operate. We rely on sources such as WordPress etc., for relevant informations.