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Biminis, Hard, Soft And Hybrid

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Soft bimini with complete enclosure attached to a tartarooga hard dodger. This particular one is extremely roomy and provides sufficient space to entertain 10 people.

One tartarooga hardtop providing enough cover to enclose an entire center cockpit. It provides the equivalent of a hard dodger/hard bimini combination in one piece. This picture shows the after five panels removed. It arguably provides the best UV Protection Factor (UPF).
A similar full-length hardtop on a different center cockpit vessel. Note that windows in the top provide clear vision of sails and rig.
Here is a soft bimini overlapping the hardtop. Note that the windshield is recessed underneath the protruding soft top. This provides a "visor" protecting from direct sun, rain and spray. If you've ever sailed with a wet windscreen on your dodger you can probably appreciate its advantages.
Combination of hard dodger with hardtop bimini. Note the overhead window in the bimini top. Between it and the windshield it allows 100% vision of the rig. This is our favorite layout for cruising as it allows the removal of the connecting piece, allowing a lot of ventilation in hot climates, while still providing excellent protection from the tropical sun.

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