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Our dodgers incorporate, as an added safety device, a feature allowing the windshield to release on impact. When a sea comes aboard the pressure on the dodger is relieved. Rather than seeing the dodger carried away (and into the helmsman's face) it will survive the impact to see another day. All that's needed is to button it back up. And it works! This is an account of such an incident:

(Transcript from our answering machine, June 2004): Hi there, it's Lee Youngblood - I thought we try to track you down to say thank you, thank you, thank you very much for a wonderful job - Hum - we hit a stack in the middle of the night that dropped - uh - several tons of water on us. I think the whole boat shuddered to a stop. Most of it went between the mast and the cockpit and - uh - blew the windows out of the dodger and filled the cockpit about 4" from the top and - uh - John stuck his head up and asked are you still here? I said yeah! - everything's O.K.! - hum - I asked can we do anything about it? - Just snap it back up, they're supposed to blow out! So I just wanted to say thank you for a great dodger!

One of the many sizes and options we offer are full-length hardtops that enclose the entire area of a center cockpit. We have made them for GULFSTAR 44, IRWING 41 and a MORGANs with center cockpit.

Here is what the owner says: "Laurie absolutely LOVED it! So does everybody else who has seen it. Thanks again for an outstanding job... Bob and Laurie aboard S/V SISIUTL"

tartarooga also impressed Rob who wrote:

"Two boat owners came over last weekend and checked out the new dodger. Both seemed to love it. If you have any customers with double enders who are concerned about "traditional" looks who would like to look at the dodger, don't hesitate to send them my way." Rob S., Seattle, WA

"By the way if you think I am enthusiastic about the dodger you should hear my wife. She is really keen on talking about having a Bimini installed... She reminded me of the complete cockpit enclosure you did for a couple who was about to leave on a circumnavigation. We had a good chance to do a side-by-side comparison with the "Wavestopper". tartarooga is by far the better dodger in all respects.

We really love the dodger, the shape is perfect (you really captured the lines of the boat), the windows great and fantastic workmanship. What more can I say? I wish we had another boat so we could get another one made." Bill B., Vancouver B.C.

"We really really love the dodger! It's all I ever hoped it would be-- and a LOT more! It is so functional and yet so beautiful...

Pauline is pleased with it too, although she hasn't yet been underway with it. She was afraid it would look "too big" and she's really happy it doesn't. Steve & Pauline (Alcyon)"

"Amigos, We just pulled into Mazatlan yesterday after the fastest passage we've ever made across the Sea of Cortez, 34 hours! Must be the dodger, we get admiring looks at it wherever we go. We wouldn't change a thing. However, we have since added stereo speakers and two bimini lights under it.

Jack, Leanne y el chullo perrito

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