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How tartarooga fares in comparison

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  tartarooga (tm)  Competitor's  
Shape Elegant European 3D Design; custom molded, retains its shape when removed from the frame. Flat sheet, bent around frame
Radius Any radius a particular design calls for Limited
Gelcoat  Applied to shape in a rigid mold at layup, long lasting, stress- and fatigue free Stressed, as a consequence to bending

Structural Flange Forward

yes, it's structural and integral to the top; it adds to strength no, a non-structural " cloth flange" is attached to the forward edge
Drip Lip Aft  yes, it stiffens the top shell, prevents water from getting under it   no 
Installation Through-bolted and held in place with stainless steel straps. Pop rivets or screws

Question: What information do you need to provide an estimate?

Answer: We like to know the MAKE and MODEL of your boat, WHERE you keep your boat, WHEN you would like your dodger to be completed. Of course, if at all possible, we like to meet you.

Question: What is the life expectancy of a tartarooga Hard Dodger?

Answer: The life expectancy of the hard top is the same as your boat's hull. We use the very best materials and marine grade gelcoat available.

Question: How does tartarooga differ from its competitors?

Answer: Our tops have a definite crown and downturned structural flanges. They derive strength and rigidity from their shape.

Question: How much is a tartarooga hard dodger?

Answer: Please give us a click on the CONTACT US button! Tell us the make and model of your boat. We will quote you for a complete tartarooga Hard Dodger, including side handrails, LEXAN (tm) windows and installation. Please tell us what options you might be interested in.

Question: What does the name "tartarooga" mean?

Answer: Tartaruga means "sea turtle" in both, Italian and Portugese. We took our freedom spelling it.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions. If you address topics of interest to others we will include the answer on this page.

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